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Everyone is concerned about their wedding because it’s a day when two persons accept each other with their flaws and strengths for the rest of their lives. Perfection and beautiful memories are something which is precious for everyone from this day and when it comes to the name of perfect beautiful memories, Chicago DJ Wedding is here to make it possible for you. Whether you want a perfect wedding or any perfect party for engagement, reception, and corporate dealings, it is incomplete without music in it and for this, we are here to play a blend of romantic, soft, and energizing music according to your event type. Our team collaborates with you and designs your wedding music according to you with a touch of our innovative ideas in it to give you and your guests giggles throughout the ceremony and make it a beautiful memory for you!


We are proficient in providing DJ services in the town. We have a team of professional DJs who prepares and manages a blend of musical tunes and beats for your event according to the event type. We have different music for different segments of wedding and other parties which can be customized according to your preferences as well. Whether you have one hundred guests or two hundred guests, our team is fully equipped with all the innovative sound systems and cleaned apparatus with an attractive setup and our DJs can manage and gather everyone on the dance floor efficiently for a never-ending party. Contact us today and experience non-stop fun!

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Chicago DJ Wedding is here to lighten up your big day as bright as a full moon. We offer our lightning service which can be customized according to your dreams and your event type. Our team designs and decorates your wedding venue like a fairytale dream which will not only mesmerize your guests but will also make your photoshoots more attractive and adorable with a range of lights we own and use for your big day. Contact us to brighten up your wedding and mesmerize everyone with our lightning service.

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Chicago DJ Wedding and team offer you our service of videography for your wedding or any type of ceremony you want. Our team is fully equipped with all the new trendy innovative equipment to cover you and your guests from every angle and save hundreds of memories for you from your big day. We are very active on all social handles and upload all clips on them so that you and your guests can access and share them on your social media accounts with your loved ones in just seconds. Contact us today and let us film your big day as a beautiful memory in an elegant and mesmerizing way! Contact us today and get your big day filmed in the most memorable and mesmerizing way with us!


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Chicago DJ Wedding has attractive and beautiful photo booths which can be provided to you according to your event on your demand. We have trendy and classy photo booths on which you and your guests can click their own photos or our team can also capture beautiful and candid pictures of you and your guests. Our photo booth can make your pictures a lot more attractive and memorable which can bring a smile to your face even after four or five years of your big day. Contact us today and save your memories with us!

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Chicago DJ Wedding offers its photography service to save the memories of your wedding ceremony or any other ceremony in a way that can take you back to the actual day in just seconds! Our team has all the top-quality cameras and accessories to capture all the beautiful moments of your big day. With our innovative ideas and your preferences, we shoot your big day with all the elegance and loveliness in it. We cover every segment and guest of your event with all the happy and emotional moments in it. Our photographers are proficient in bringing smiles to your faces and capture all the adorable candid moments for you. Contact us today and save your precious memories most beautifully.


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