Everyone wants a perfect wedding because it’s a day which remains special and memorable for everyone till their death. Different things combinedly make a wedding beautiful and perfect and among them, a beautiful wedding venue, beautiful dresses, perfect lighting and decoration, delicious meals, and perfect photoshoots are necessary. But all of these things will remain incomplete if there is a lack of perfect music at the wedding!

We, Chicago DJ Wedding have been operating in the industry and have gained hundreds of satisfied and happy clients due to our dedication and hard work. Our DJ service has rocked hundreds of weddings in the past. Based on our success and positive testimonials, our client Dylan contacted us for our DJ service on his big day. We settled a day for the meeting with our client to gather insights about how they want their wedding music and the type of music they like. After this, our team began the preparation for our client’s big day. We prepared a blend of tunes and beats with our ideas and our client’s taste for each segment of the wedding.

On the wedding day, our team was all set to make Dylan’s wedding a perfect one. It was a refreshing day and so our music was. The ceremony started with the guest entrance for which our DJ played welcoming soft music till everyone settled on their seats. After that, our dashing groom entered the venue for which we played a royal musical tune. Our DJ changed the music and switched to a soft lovely musical tune when the bride entered with her bridesmaid. For the vow’s ceremony, our DJ continuously kept playing a blend of instrumental ballads and romantic musical tunes till the couple exchanged vows and kissed each other, and cut the cake together. Our DJ made sure to make it a mesmerizing moment with a perfect blend of our music. For the meal, the DJ switched to soft music so that the guests can enjoy the delicious meal in a pleasurable environment. After that, the dance performances started for which our DJs were fully prepared. Our team began by playing soft romantic music for the couple dance. After that, it was time for the dance party. Our DJs started to change the environment by playing their energizing beats. Within seconds, the dance floor was filled with the guests. The venue was filled up with huge energy and excitement. The chairs were empty and no one was ready to leave the dance floor. Our DJs continued playing and the party lasted for more than 50 minutes.  For the fairy tale exit of our couple, our DJs played romantic and lovely music and everyone was mesmerized at the moment.

With our dedication and hard work, we satisfied our clients and made their big day a memorable one with our DJ service. We made sure that everything was according to our client’s preference. With our quality of work and collaboration, we ended up making another wedding ceremony a successful one. We got positive reviews and contented clients with our perfection and dedication and we aim to continue this in the future as well.